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Muzammil Bilwani

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Head of Faculty

Meet Muzammil Bilwani, a distinguished Senior Software Engineer at Careem, currently leading the faculty with over eight years of experience in crafting cutting-edge systems for digital inclusion. As the head of the faculty, Muzammil specializes in Web Development, Mobile Applications, Cloud, and HTML5, showcasing a steadfast commitment to staying current with industry trends. His impressive track record includes notable achievements in e-commerce, product ownership, performance optimization, and UI building. Under his leadership, the faculty excels in delivering results that go beyond expectations, meeting the diverse needs of users and businesses alike. His unique blend of technical expertise and strong people management skills fosters collaboration and ensures outstanding project outcomes. Muzammil is not just a leader in the field; he is also passionate about teaching, making him an ideal mentor for those navigating the dynamic landscape of software engineering.

Muhammad Salman Bediya

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Salman is a veteran Full Stack Mobile App Developer with over three years of experience in the tech industry. With a deep passion for mobile development and data analysis, he is well-versed in a range of technologies and frameworks such as Flutter/Dart, Swift, Java, and Python. Throughout his career, Salman has been the Mobile Team Lead and Trainer at various organisations, he is currently serving as a software engineer at Folio3 Pvt Ltd. Salman is committed to professional growth and knowledge-sharing. He actively participates in developer communities and contributes through tech talks, his YouTube channel, Medium blogs, and open-source contributions on GitHub. He is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and continuously enhancing his and his students’ expertise in the field.

Arsalan Sohail

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As a skilled Mobile Application Engineer for a multinational company, Arsalan has gained extensive experience in the development of sophisticated mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies. In addition to his professional work, Arsalan is also a dedicated Flutter instructor at various tech institutes. Passionate to share his expertise and knowledge, he will be helping aspiring mobile developers acquire the necessary skills to excel in this dynamic field. Dedicated to excellence and committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field has helped Arsalan stroke a successful career on the canvas of mobile development, and he wishes to help positively paint people’s careers.
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