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What is Bano Qabil?

The Al Khidmat Karachi launched Bano Qabil to provide physical, in-person, free-of-cost IT training to the youth. Bano Qabil comprises special, in-demand courses designed in collaboration with academia and industry and endorsed by various industry associations such as P@SHA and PSEB

What is the purpose of Bano Qabil?

We aim to help the youth, free-of-cost, so that they may obtain employment, earn through freelancing, and pursue higher education to not only benefit the individuals but also the society, IT Industry, economy, and the country at large.

How can I learn about new updates?

Please keep checking the Bano Qabil official website and our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/banoqabil.pk) or Al Khidmat Karachi Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/alkhidmatKHI) for all updates.

How to register?

Registrations are announced on our Facebook page. You can register through our website- https://banoqabil.pk/Student/Register

How to ask for help or contact us?

Please contact us on our WhatsApp number 0317 8226242 or Dial 021 38282263 (10:00 AM to 06:00 PM), email us at help@banoqabil.pk, or contact us on our website.

The registration form indicates that the campus has not been selected yet. How can I choose my preferred campus?

The option to select your desired campus becomes available on the website after you successfully pass the testing phase and complete the final interview. Upon reaching this stage, you can indicate your preferred campus through the website's interface.

When will the registrations start?

New Registration will announce in the month of May 2024.

How much Fee or Security Deposit?

Bano Qabil courses are 100% FREE! But we require students to submit Rs 3,000 Security Deposit before the classes. Candidates will have to visit the Al Khidmat Karachi Head Office or send any person on their behalf to submit their documents and the Security Deposit. It will be fully refunded only after the completion of the course to discourage drop-outs

How to complete or confirm online form submission?

Go to- https://banoqabil.pk/Student/Register- fill in the same details as previously, i.e. same name; phone number; gender; course. If it says "Error! student with this phone number and course already exist.", then that means you are registered already. If it doesn't say that, then you can finish completing your form and submit it. Those who have filled and submitted their forms will have gotten an acknowledgement email, so check your email inboxes, including spam or junk mail.

Which courses are being offered?

We are offering a total of 15 free-of-cost, 3-months-long, certified IT courses at the moment. You may check for more details here- https://banoqabil.pk/Web/ShortCourses

What is the eligibility criteria?

Both Male & Females, Age 14-30 years old, Must have a laptop or a desktop computer, Although different courses have different prerequisites, please check on the website for more details.

What is the enrolment process?

The whole process is subject to any new policies announced, though students can expect: Announcement on the Facebook page; Registration through the website; Aptitude test (Interviews may or may not happen); Campus Selection through the online portal after passing the test, Form & Security Deposit submission; Orientation; Classes commence.

Who will be teaching the courses?

These courses will be taught by experienced experts from the field who will teach you practical skills which can be used to start earning right after the completion of your course. You can learn more about our dedicated faculty from our website.

What kind of professional development sessions do you offer?

We will be providing sessions to hone soft skills in our students, such as communication skills or how to deal with clients, in addition to the hard skills of the IT courses.

Is attendance mandatory?

We expect our students to attend all their classes and not drop out, as dropping out would waste seats for other more serious candidates. To discourage dropouts, we shall not be refunding the security deposit of those who drop out. In case of valid reasons such as emergencies, the students may file an application for leaves with their campus admins.

Can I study more than one course?

Students can only study one course at a time, however, they can register again in the next batch.

Can I join the ongoing course?

Your enthusiasm is appreciated however that would be subject to approval from the authorities.

When is the Registration/Aptitude Test/Interview/Orientation?

All important updates will be put on our official website and our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/banoqabil.pk

Where is the Al Khidmat Head Office located?

Our Head Office is at 501, Quaideen Colony, near Islamia College Karachi- Pakistan.

Information about the classes?

Two classes per week (weekend or weekdays), separate for boys & girls, at your nearest available campus, and in different time slots from 9 AM - 10 PM. Classes will be held from December.

What are my class details such as campus, days, timings, etc.?

The schedule can be checked through the website by entering your registered contact number only after your final selection. You can select your campus through the website, after your final selection.

How can I change my admission information, course details, etc.?

Please contact us at our WhatsApp number 0317 8226242 from 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM. You may also visit the Help Desk at the Al Khidmat Head Office from 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM.

What is the Aptitude Test?

The Aptitude Test will be according to the prerequisites of the course. The content of tests will be about computer know-how, relevant general knowledge, and IQ.

Are there any campuses near me?

Please check here- https://banoqabil.pk/Web/Campuses

Do you offer online classes?

No, we don't offer online classes. Only physical classes in Karachi.

Bano Qabil Bank details?

MEEZAN BANK, Jamshed Road Karachi/ Account # 0157-0103102664/ IBAN # K48MEZN0001570103102664/ Swift Code: MEZNPKKA

When will I get the refund?

BanoQabil 2.0 refund policy will available along with the announcement of Official Result at www.banoqabil.pk

When will official result announced?

The result of bano qabil 2.0 has been announced and also shared on our web site www.banooqabil.pk

BanoQabil Cerificates ?

The Alkhidmat certificate of bano qabil is mandatory and free of cost.

What is LRN Certificates ?

Learning Resource Networking Certificates aggregation with UK and Globally Authorized.The FEE of LRN certificate is 2500.

When will the refund policy for Banoqabil 2.0 be announced? When will the refund policy for Banoqabil 2.0 be announced?"

The refund policy for Banoqabil 2.0 has not been announced yet.

When Convocation will be held of Banoqabil 2.0 ?

The date of convocation will be announced on our Facebook pages.

When will the certificate distribution for Banoqabil 2.0 be ?

The Date of Certificate Distribution will be announced at our Facebook page.

SBTE Certificate ?

Sindh Board of Technical Education Certificate and Fee of SBTE Certificate is 500 for Banoqabil 2.0 Students.

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