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Bano Qabil is Alkhidmat Karachi’s ambitious and first-of-its-kind youth education initiative. Intended to empower and skill Karachi’s youth in the latest technologies, Bano Qabil offers 100% free, advanced IT courses to give our youth a headstart in launching their employment and freelancing careers.

Bano Qabil comprises special, in-demand courses designed in collaboration with academia and industry and endorsed by various industry associations such as P@SHA and PSEB. The program has also taken leading tech universities onboard for technical guidance and support.

Selected students can choose from one of the following 4 to 6-month courses: Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Freelancing and Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant. As students finish their courses and pass out, the cycle will be repeated every six months.

The Bano Qabil initiative will greatly benefit talented students in getting acquainted with the latest technologies and kick-starting their careers while also preparing them for self-employment through freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, thus making them financially independent.

As of date, 20 campuses and 4 fully-equipped labs are operating at full capacity at various locations in the city. Thousands of students are already attending courses of their choice, while thousands more await their turn.

For a start, students are expected to get internship offers with renowned software houses, marketing agencies and industry. 90% of students are expected to get immediate jobs after finishing their courses.

The cascading effect of this program on the IT industry and the nation’s economy can only be imagined. The current shortage of skilled human resource that is restricting the country’s IT industry would be overcome, while much-needed foreign currency can start flowing into the country as local IT companies bag global projects and freelancers transfer their dollars home.

For a nation with a net trade deficit, dismal employment figures and perpetually depleted foreign exchange reserves, the Bano Qabil program promises to be a game-changer and a defining moment in the history of Pakistan’s youth, their education and empowerment.

Director Message

Farooq Kamlani

Director Bano Qabil

As-salaam alaikum!

As Director Bano Qabil, I feel privileged to invite you to our website and give you an overview of this ground-breaking initiative.

Alkhidmat Karachi’s Bano Qabil initiative has its roots in Rebuild Karachi, a socio-economic movement spearheaded by Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman that aims to stem the decline and deterioration of Pakistan’s leading city, Karachi, as a result of long years of governmental apathy and neglect.

In its quest to resolve one of the most pressing problems – unemployment – Alkhidmat’s management has devised ‘Bano Qabil’, a unique, amazing and first-of-its-kind program to provide 100% free, advanced, in-demand technical skills to thousands of young students, both boys and girls, with the aim of empowering them and providing them an opportunity to establish a rewarding career and achieve financial independence.

A revolutionary step for the citizens of this city, Bano Qabil is now a widely acknowledged and unprecedented success. With thousands having registered for the program’s accredited and technology-packed courses, and a projected post-course employment rate of 90% plus those who plan to freelance, Bano Qabil has far exceeded the wildest estimates of even its most optimistic well-wishers.

I invite you to proceed to learn more about this amazing, game-changing effort that promises to change the future of our great country!

The Team Behind Bano Qabil

Farooq Kamlani

Program Director, Karachi

Syed Muhammad Aamir

Manager IT & Infrastructure

Owais Baig

Manager Administrations

Hamood ur Rahman

Manager Academics

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