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Muzammil Bilwani

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Head of Faculty

Muzammil is a Senior Software Engineer at Careem with an experience of more than eight years in developing top-performing systems which promote digital inclusion. With countless specialisations such as in Nodejs, Flutter, AWS, JavaScript, and HTML 5, Muzammil is very passionate about developing innovative systems and is continuously learning to stay updated with industry trends. With a history of delivering exceptional results in e-commerce, product ownership, performance optimisation, and UI building, he can meet the needs of both users and businesses alike. With a blend of impressive technical and people management skills, Muzammil is known to deliver beyond expectations!

Basit Hussain

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Basit is a goal-oriented web developer with over three years of professional expertise. Throughout his career, he has focused on developing responsive web applications while prioritizing clean, organized code and optimizing speeds. Currently employed as a Software Engineer at Caary Capital, Basit primarily works with product-based businesses. Previously, Basit developed an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) for the US-based company- ZUE. Furthermore, he was a member of the METADOT team at XORD, where they worked on developing a blockchain wallet. In a Hackathon, their project secured second place out of 100+ projects from around the world! With an impressive resume, Basit will be teaching you how to earn your own.

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