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Haris Mumtaz Alam

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Haris is a passionate professional with expertise in social media marketing and management. Upon graduating in Media Science from Ilma University, Haris sharpened his skills at the forefront of industry trends by working for seven years in the field. Presently, he is responsible for social media campaigns as the Social Media Manager at Jamaat e Islami's media cell. His role entails crafting compelling content, managing online communities, and leveraging various social media platforms to drive engagement and brand visibility. What sets Haris apart is his unwavering passion for teaching. As an experienced practitioner, Haris breaks down complex concepts into easily understandable lessons, making him an exceptional mentor.

Muhammad Ammad Alam

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With a degree in Computer Science and technical skills in marketing, Ammad is an experienced digital marketer who leverages data to create effective strategies for brands. His unique combination of skills allows him to develop and execute innovative campaigns that deliver tangible results for clients across a wide range of industries. Ammad has consistently exceeded expectations throughout his career, delivering campaigns that drive increased traffic, engagement, and revenue. Additionally, always eager to help shape the next generation of digital marketers, Ammad has been providing actionable and practical insights to train hundreds of students to become successful digital marketers!

Saif Ahmed

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Saif is a highly qualified professional with a Master's Degree in Information Technology. With a diverse background in digital marketing, WordPress development, and e-commerce, Saif focuses on providing advantages to his students. Dedicated to enhancing their educational experience, Saif improves online visibility, creates user-friendly websites, optimises mobile responsiveness, and implements secure e-commerce solutions. As a top-rated seller on PPH (PeoplePerHour), Saif excels in teaching students how to start earning on multiple freelancing platforms. His main goal is to provide the best experience and equip students with the skills necessary to earn online, launch brands, and reach new heights of success in the Digitalised Era!

Hassan Ahmed Zuberi

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Hassan Zubairi is a Digital Marketing Manager with extensive experience creating and implementing effective marketing strategies. His areas of expertise are Account Management (Client Servicing), social media and Google Ads, sales funnels, and brand management. Throughout his career of four years, Hassan has collaborated with organisations and helped them achieve their marketing objectives, such as IAL Saatchi & Saatchi, Alkhidmat Foundation, IDMPakistan, Vivotic Solutions, Patel Hospital, and HANDS Pakistan. Hassan's deep understanding of the digital landscape, his tendency to stay up-to-date, his passion for teaching, and his public speaking engagements, make him a very intriguing teacher.

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