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About this Course

Protecting sensitive data and important systems from online threats falls under the domain of CyberSecurity. Cybersecurity measures are intended to counter attacks on networks, systems, and applications, whether those threats come from within or outside of an organization. In order for users, apps, and devices to work securely, a secure infrastructure must be built and maintained. This is done with the help of cybersecurity experts. This course is intended to be the first step for a student into the World of CyberSecurity.

Course Objective

This course provides a solid foundation in cyber security fundamentals. You'll explore various types of cyber attacks and their impact on organizations. Gain essential knowledge of Network Basics, Security, and Protocols to protect network infrastructures. Understand how Security Operations Centers (SOCs) detect and respond to threats. Discover principles and methodologies of Ethical Hacking and the importance of Active Directory in user identity and access management. By the end, you'll be equipped with essential skills to pursue further studies or embark on a career in the dynamic field of cyber security.
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